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Gemstone Magic: gemstone meaning, symbolism, and energies

Most of the stones are machine tumbled gemstones. Tumbled gemstones vary in size and no two tumbled gemstones are the same. A few of the stones are hand polished and others are in the raw state.

Gemstone Chip Necklaces

Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz is the basic stone of all magic. Crystal quartz can be used as the amplifier of other stone energies. Used alone crystal quartz is excellent for unblocking energy. It enhances physic ability. Crystal quartz is a very personal stone. When you have a crystal quartz that feels good to you, never let anyone touch it, as it remembers and can store memories. Keep your personal crystal quartz close to you. Crystal quartz is mostly clear or somewhat milky and often with inclusions (a mineral deposit). Rock crystal is clear. Each crystal quartz is unique. (size: 1" x 3/4")


Crystal Quartz Cluster

Crystal Quartz Cluster is also a basic stone of all magic. The clusters can be used to amplify other stone energies. It enhances physic ability, especially when used in meditation. After a crystal quartz cluster has been cleansed it can be used to clean other stones by putting the stone on the cluster and placeing both in sunlight. Crystal quartz clusters are clear or somewhat milky and often with inclusions (a mineral deposit).BEAUTIFUL NEW LARGER SIZE (size vaires from 3 " to 4")


Crystal Quartz Point

Crystal Quartz Point is a powerful tool. The crystal quartz point can be used in much the same as the tumbled quartz crystal, except it is more powerful as the point enhances the energy direction. Each crystal quartz is unique. (size 1")


Crystal Quartz Point

Crystal Quartz Point is a powerful tool. The crystal quartz point can be used in much the same as the tumbled quartz crystal, except it is more powerful as the point enhances the energy direction. Each crystal quartz is unique. (size 2")


Crystal Quartz Point

Crystal Quartz Point is a powerful tool. The crystal quartz point can be used in much the same as the tumbled quartz crystal, except it is more powerful as the point enhances the energy direction. Each crystal quartz is unique. (size 3")



Emerald is a powerful love stone. The love that emerald attracts is the "forever" love. The love of marriage and family, a firm partnership is the love of emerald. Emerald is a perfect stone for an engagement ring. Emerald is a stone of co-operations. It is a stone of abundance. To assure romance with the "forever" love rub an emerald with passionflower oil and place it in the far right corner of the room (standing in the doorway the back right corner of the room). Rituals with Emeralds are most powerful in the Spring. Emeralds are shades of green. (size: 1/2" x 1/2")



Flint is an excellent grounding stone for anyone doing medium work. Flint will help you do work that requires deep attention. If you have to pass a test take Flint and Sodalite with you. Flint is multi-colored in shades of rust, brown and black. (size: appox 1" x 3/4")



Fluorite is a great stone for personal realationships. It balances and stabilizes intuitive powers. It is excellent for mental coordination and a good aid in learning. Fluorite is a grounding stone. It should be used in meditations before a ritual to focus the concentration. To relax before a ritual put seven fluorites around your bathtub, add clover bath oil or bubble bath to the water. Light three mint scented candles. Relax in the tub for ten or fifteen minutes and your mind and body will be ready to perform a successful ritual. Wearing fluorite can help you be clear minded, especially earrings. Fluorite can be blue, clear, green, violet, purple or yellow.. (size: 3/4" x 3/4")



Red garnet is an attraction stone, that attracts money as well as love. It is also is a balance stone, as it will bring what each person needs, it may be passion or serenity. Garnet lets you release anger. Keep 3 Garnest on your desk to bring in more business. Garnet is also a protector of the home, as a symbol of the "home fire". Take a large cinnamon scented candle and a garnet. Go to each room of the home and as you pass the garnet over the candle flame, ask that the home be blessed and protected. Bury the garnet close to your front door. Let the candle burn out. Garnets are several colors, but red garnets are the stones discussed here. (size: 1/2 " x 1/2")



Natural Red garnet is called Hessonite or grossular Garnet. It has all the proprieties of the tumbled red garnet plus the added power to promote self-confidence. The color is a deep clear reddish-brown. (size: appox 1/2")



Wisper your heart's desire into this magical little crystal cave. If you are sincere, in time you will have your heart's desire. Small enough to keep with you all the time. (size: 1/2 " x 1/2")



Goldstone is a man made stone. Monks practicing alchemy accidentally discovered it in Italy. Copper fell into molten glass and crystallized. Goldstone, like copper is a good healing stone. It is a "feel good" stone. There are other colors of goldstone, but the original was reddish-gold with glittering sparks in it. (size: 1 " x 1/2")



Hematite harmonizes mind, body and spirit. It prevents negative energies form entering the aura. Carrying hematite at all legal transactions to help the outcome to favor you. Hematite helps fight addictions and compulsions including overeating and smoking. It makes a bond between friends. Hematite is silver gray after it is polished. Raw hematite is red. Larger size. (size: 1" x 1")


Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond is unique double terminated crystal. This crystal is very powerful. Herkimer can be used to enhance telepathy and out of body travel. It is a stone of balance; it can balance the energy of other stones. Caution should be used with a Herkimer Diamond. Most Herkimer Diamonds are small and clear and come from the state of New York. (size: 1/4" to 1/2" long)



Howlite is a very calming stone. It is excellent for insomnia, as it will help the mind to calm down. This also makes it a good stone for meditation. Howlite teaches patience. Carry a howlite to meetings to keep tempers and anger away. Howlite is white and often has black lines in it. (size: 1" x 1")



Iolite is the stone of inner vision. This is a stone that every healer or shaman should have. Iolite can call up the self that is deep within you. After work with iolite peace and joy should be yours. It can open the doors to past lives. Meditating with an iolite in each hand can take you on a journey to your inner mind. Iolite is a violet blue. (size: 1" x 1/2")



Jade is a stone of joyous love, flow of abundance and serenity. Green jade is healing for the heart; therefore a wonderful love stone. It has been called the concentrated essence oflove. Jade is associated with gardening and earth magic. Jade can bring wisdom. It gives protection. Jade will bring prosperity to you. When lovers exchange jade it binds the love. A piece of jade in your garden will improve the plants. Wear a jade ring on your left hand to call money to you. (size: 1/2" x 1/2")


Red jasper

Red jasper is a stone of courage. Red jasper is very lucky for actors as well as athletes. It is a protection stone for the night. Place red jasper under your pillow to help you remember dreams. Red jasper is a good stone to keep with you and use as a "worry" stone. The more jasper is handled the more calming vibrations it sends out. Red jasper is a brownish red. (size: 1/2" x 1/2" )


Red jasper-Large

Red jasper is a stone of courage. Red jasper is very lucky for actors as well as athletes. It is a protection stone for the night. Place red jasper under your pillow to help you remember dreams. Red jasper is a good stone to keep with you and use as a "worry" stone. The more jasper is handled the more calming vibrations it sends out. Red jasper is a brownish red.LARGE SIZE (size: 1" x 1" )


Rainbow jasper

Rainbow jasper brings wholeness and reminds people that each person is only part of the "Whole". In other words, be kind to and help each other. Jasper balances yin and yang. A large jasper stone keeps negativity out the ritual room. Jasper is a wonderful stone to wear as jewelry. Rainbow jasper is multi-colored red, brown, yellow, green blue and/or purple. (size: 1" x 1")


Yellow jasper

Yellow jasper protects you while you are doing spiritual work. It brings only positive energy to you. Yellow jasper is brownish yellow with darker streaks. (size: 1" x 3/4")



Jet is a powerful protection stone. It will help you connect with Earth energy. If you have trouble sleeping put one Jet on one side of your bed and one Amber on the other. Jet is dark brown or black. (size: 1" x 1/2")



Kunzite is a love stone. It opens the heart to love for everything in the Universe including the Divine. Kunzite can bring the song of the heart into your mind. Give Kunzite as a gift to all you love, so they will feel your love and have a better life. Kunzite is most often soft pale pink, but sometimes white or green. (size: crystals appox 1/2")



Labradorite is a wonderful and powerful stone. It is a high-energy protection stone as well as a stone of mystical traits. Just hold labradorite and feel the energy that flows in the stone. It forms a strong wall to negative energies. Labradorite can help you find your spiritual purpose. It also can help you understand and release fears from past lives. This is truly a stone of transformation. Labroadorite is iridescent grayish with streaks of black, brown or blue. (size: 1/2" x 1/2")


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a very spiritual stone. It enhances enlightenment. Lapis connects your spirit guides to you. It also protects you from psychic attacks. Lapis bonds love and friendship relationships with a deeper understanding for both people. Lapis Lazuli brings you to your highest true self. Put a piece of lapis under your pillow to better understand your dreams. Lapis lazuli is sky blue with pyrite in it. (size: 1/2" x 1/2")



Lepidolite lets you see what is important, because it allows your intuitive power to come forward. It is a good stone to have when you feel overwhelmed with life's burdens. Lepidolite will help your mind go directly to how to solve your problems and get on with enjoying life. Carry lepidolite with you to attract luck. To have restful sleep and let your troubles work themselves out, place 5 small tumbled pieces of lepidolite in a tub of warm water, light a pink candle and relax in the water. Let your troules wash away. Lepidolite can be several shades of purple. (size: 3/4" x 1/2")



Malachite is a stone to be used with caution as it amplifies all emotions, both positive and negative. It is a protection stone as it absorbs pollutants easily. This makes it a good stone to keep on a high shelf in a child's room. Malachite should never be cleaned with other stones. Malachite is green with shades of green bands. LARGE SIZE (size: 1 1/2" x 1")



Moonstone should be used in most rituals done during waxing moon. It adds strength to love rituals, as it is a love magnet. Moonstone is an aid in losing weight. Take 2 moonstones and 1 topaz that have been charged and cleaned by placing them on a bed of sea salt and left in the light of the full moon. Stand nude in front of a full-length mirror. Place the topaz between your feet and hold 1moonstone in each hand. Really look at yourself. Accept that this is how you look now. Close your eyes and visualize how you would like to look (be realistic). Then rub the moonstones in your hands all over your body. Keep the moonstones with you and keep the topaz beside the mirror. Rub moonstones instead of eating ice cream. Moonstone comes in white, blue, peach, pink and gray. (size: 1" x 1/2")



Black Obsidian is a strong protection stone. Obsidian arrowheads are very strong protection. An obsidian sphere can be use for gazing instead of a crystal sphere. A small black obsidian in each corner of your house will bring protection to it. Obsidian is deep black. (size: 1/2" x 1/2")


Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian will help you overcome problems and improve your conditions in life. It will give you courage to overcome self-defeating patterns and inspire you with new ideas. Hold snowflake obsidian when you ask the Universe for the help you need and the energy of assistance will flow to you. Snowflake is black with white spots that resemble snowflakes. (size: 1/2" x 1/2")



Onyx is a protection stone. Black onyx is the most common onyx. Onyx is a wonderful stone for students or anyone learning something new at any age. It is a good stone to have if you think anyone is trying to work magic against you. It protects you against any attacking negativity. Place a white candle where it will be reflected in a mirror. Beginning on the right side of the candle place 9 onyx stones in a half circle between the candle and you. Light the white candle and picture all negative or bad happenings around you going into the mirror. When finished blow out the candle toward the mirror. Each person in the family should carry one of the 9 onyx stones for protection. Keep the others in the home for protection. (size: 1/2" x 1/2")


Peacock Ore

Peacock ore has joyful energy. It can brighten your outlook. Peacock ore can amplify your psychic and clairvoyance vision. It belongs to the chalcopyrite family and it is an ore. It is also know as Bornite and Eubescite. It is also called variegated copper because of the iridescent colors similar to a peacock's feathers. No matter what it is called it should be in everyone's collection. Peacock ore is iridescent green, yellow, blue, purple and gold. (size: 2" x 1 1/2" x 3/4")



Peridot lets you release guilt and burdens from the past. Sometimes "letting go" of people or ideas that no longer help us is difficult; peridot will help you "let go" and move on. Give a peridot to anyone you care about, but are not getting along with. This will allow the other person to be more forgiving. To let go of old bad habits or thoughts, mix the petals of 1 gardenia and 3 peridot in a blue bag. Keep the bag with you for 9 days and then toss out the petals. The peridot can be cleaned and used again. Peridot set in gold will attract money. Peridot is shades of green from apple to olive.(size: 1/4" x 1/4")


Peridot Natural

Peridot natural or rough has the same proprieties as tumbled peridot and can be used in the same way. Peridot natural color is clear apple green. (size: appox 1/2")


Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is a very old "stone" and is carried as a charm for long life and to protect health. It is also a help in recalling past lives. Placing it on a quartz cluster in the sun for a day best cleans petrified wood. Sit with your eyes closed in a quiet place with a piece of petrified wood in your left hand and a lapis lazuli in your right hand. You may recall a past life. Petrified wood is not a gemstone, but a fossil. Rainbow petrified wood is many colors and in the raw state. (size: 1/2" x 1/2")



Pietersite gives strong inner sight. It can help you 'take charge of your life.' Tarot readers find this stone helpful in seeing what the cards are proclaiming. Pietersite is related to storms and it can bring about a storm of emotions within you. It is a stone recently discovered and its powers are still being revealed. Many of the recently discovered stones are very spiritual in nature; as is pietersite. Pietersite and iolite or tektite together can bring fast spiritual insights. This combination should be used with caution as the transformation can cause a multitude of hidden mixed emotions to surface. Pietersite is mottled in colors from brown to blue. NEW LARGER SIZE (size: 3/4" x 1/2")



Pyrite enhances your willpower when you want to get rid of bad habits and replace them with good habits. It is particularly good for developing good health habits. Hold a pyrite in each hand while you meditate on your field of study or good habits and get a burst of energy. Pyrite is a mineral that is not uaully used as a gemstone. It has been called "fool's gold". Pyrite is an ideal stone for students as it helps focus and concentration. It is especially good if you are a student of art, math or science. It is very good for developing the skills needed for architecture. Pyrite is glitter gold in color. (size: 1" x 1/2")


Quantum-Quattro Sillica

Quantum-Quattro Sillica is a stone with the rare ability to heal trauma locked in an emotional energy field. Hold a Quantum between your hands and sit where the sun's rays can fall on you, for 15 minutes, between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm on any day, while praying or meditating and the chakras will align. Quantum-Quattro Silica is a combination of royal blue shattuckite, robins egg blue chrysacola, forest green dioptase, in smokey quartz with pastel light green malachite swirling together in a vibrant mix of colors rarely seen together. This is a grouping of minerals only seen combined naturally in quantum. Nambia is the only known location in the world for this new mineral find. The mine may not bring this beautiful stone much longer. (size: 3/4" x 3/4")




Rhodochrosite can attract a love full of compassion to you. It will attract a love that is for your greater good. Take a bath with rhodochrosite and you may dream about the one who loves you. Place a rhodochrosite in a tub with warm water that you have put in the petals of a pink rose. Light 3 rose scented pink candles and relax. Sweet dreams! Rhodochrosite has bands of color including pink, red, orange and white. (size: 3/4" x 3/4")



Rhodonite is an emotional balancer especially love emotions. It is an emotional healing stone. Rhodonite clears out emotional wounds form the past. It also clears away festering resentment and anger and helps find forgiveness. It builds up confidence and love. A rhodonite necklace is good to wear in times of stress. Most of all rhodonite is a healing love stone. It is a good stone to use in rituals where a stressful relationship needs to be healed. Rhodonite is pink with brown or black spots.
(size: 1" x 3/4")



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