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Gemstone Jewelry

When choosing what gemstones to wear, don't just coordinate your jewelry with your outfit, but coordinate with how you feel and what you would like to be revealed on that day. Know the general meaning of a gemstone and the stones from your birth month and/or zodiac sign and colors that you like. Don't wear stones you don't like or don't feel good on you. The energy of most stones extends about three feet. Gems that you wear or keep close to you have a strong affect on you.

Gemstone Necklaces

Gemstones worn around the neck must be selected carefully, especially stones that are close to your heart charka. Gems around your neck are for your strong desires.

Gemstone Belts

Stones worn around the middle can affect your vitality forces. One of the most common stones used in belt buckles is turquoise because it is a calming stone. An energizing stone will increase physical endurance in a belt.

Gemstone Bracelets

Only stones of tranquility and protection should be worn on the wrists. You don't want to cuff your freedom.

Gemstones Earrings

Earrings will influence your perception. Relaxing stones, love stones and gems that affect the mind are good choices. Jade is a good earring choice as it is a wisdom gem.

Gemstone Rings

Finger rings have a strong influence on the wearer. Each finger on the right and left hand has a meaning. Don't wear gemstones on you thumbs. The left hand is for incoming and receiving, such as aventurine when you play lotto worn on the index or little fingers. The right hand is the sender or outgoing hand; such as sending love to someone you could wear a rose quartz on the index finger.

Left hand finger meanings

  • Index finger      receiver of purpose
  • Middle finger    receiver of intuition inspiration
  • Third finger      receiver of creative energies
  • Little finger      receiver of change

Right hand finger meanings

  • Index finger      influences action
  • Middle finger    influences intuition
  • Third finger      influences creative energies
  • Little finger      influences change

Wearing too many different stones on each hand can confuse the desired outcome.

Jewelry without gemstones

Jewelry without stones will have the meaning of the metal that it is make from.

  • Copper is an energizer and prevents a negative attitude.
  • Silver helps with self-improvement.
  • Gold is a self-acceptance metal.
  • Platinum is a higher vibration of silver on a more spiritual level.

Care for all of your jewelry with respect.



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