Gemstone Pendulums

Beautiful faceted gemstone pendulums on a silver chain.



The use of pendulums is very ancient. The pendulum is a tool used by some experts in their fields, such as, dowsers doing a water search; healers use a pendulum to find the problem area on the body and certain psychics use one while contacting spirits. Old wise women wouldn't be without a pendulum when visiting a pregnant woman. The pendulum was used to determine the sex of the unborn child. Most people use a pendulum to get answers to questions. You don't have to be a psychic to get your answers. You only need a steady hand to hold the pendulum and a question to focus on.

Amethyst pendulum


I use my pendulums often and I'm sure you will too. I do my pendulum work when I feel calm and in a place where I feel safe and peaceful. I decide before I ask the question how I will interpret the movement of the pendulum. If the pendulum moves from side to side this is no for me; back and forth (or up and down) is yes. If the pendulum goes in a circle, then I know to rephrase my question. If the pendulum still goes in a circle after rephrasing the question then I know I must think about the question and see if it resolves itself in a few days. If the question is not resolved then I ask again.

Quartz crystal pendulum


I give thought to how to ask the question. I want to be as precise as possible. (Don't ask very general questions, such as, "Will I be rich?" Instead ask, "Will I have (state the amount of money) within the next sixty days?") I balance my elbow on a table or chair arm to keep my hand steady. Sometimes I ask the question out loud and sometimes I ask it in my mind. Then I focus on the pendulum and my question. I have several pendulums, but I usually use my amethyst pendulum, as amethyst is a stone that I like very much. When you choose your pendulum pick one in a stone that you like or feel a connection with.

Aventurine pendulum

Rose Quartz

All my pendulums are on a silver chain, so I don't use salt to clean them. Before you use your pendulum place it on a quartz crystal cluster or next to a quartz crystal and leave both in the sun for an afternoon. I clean my pendulum after every third or fourth session. Of course I clean my pendulum if another person touches it. I even keep a pendulum in my purse.

Rose quartz pendulum


The faceted gemstone pendulum is not only beautiful to look at, but a tool that can help you find your path in life. The pendulum can also help you make decisions on everyday questions as well as giving you a glimpse of what may be in your future. I'm sure you will treasure and enjoy your pendulum.

Carnelian pendulum



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