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Good Luck Ritual

You can always use more good luck. If you feel you don't have any good luck, then start good luck coming to you now. Do this ritual two or three times a year to keep the good luck coming to you. What goes around, comes around! Keep your good luck coming to you.

Start Your Good Luck

Put all the stones and 3 pinches of sea salt in the bag on Saturday morning. Tie the bag and shake it 3 times. Put the bag in your pocket for the rest of the day. On the following Monday, Wednesday and Friday you must give 1 onyx to someone you think needs more good luck. Tell the person, put this in your left pocket for good luck.
That's it! Good luck is spinning around you now!

Keep your Good Luck with you.

For this spell, you need:

  • 1 aventurine
  • 1 unakite
  • 1 chrysophase
  • 5 onyx
  • sea salt
  • Lucky bag


Includes 1 aventurine, 1 unakite, 1 chrysophase, 5 onyx, sea salt and Lucky bag...$9.99


(includes 3 stones: aventurine, garnet, citrine and Money bag)




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