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Spring is the beginning of the year in many cultures, especially in ancient societies. Between the Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice, the Spring Equinox was a time to leave the past and look with hope to the future. This was the time to sweep out the old to let in the new. Many still honor this practice with Spring house cleaning. Tradition holds that when you make way for new the first thing to come to you is abundance: in other words, you have an empty space that needs to be filled. So the Spring Equinox is the perfect time to do rituals and spells for more, especially more money.

This ritual is most powerful done on the evening of the Spring Equinox, but can be done on any evening in the year.

Read the ritual before performing the spell. Study the stones so you will know each one without a label. Cleanse the stones in the way you prefer.

Clean your altar and the room where your altar is located. Gather flowers or blooming branches to place on your altar (if you don't have flowers or trees blooming, you can purchase some flowers). If you like incense, burn lilac.

Place the flowers in the back middle of your altar. Arrange the white candles in a line in front of the flowers. The glass bowl of spring water should be to the left of the candles. Put the all the stones in front of the middle candle.

Bathe and wash your hair and dress in comfortable clean light colored clothes.

Now you are ready to perform the ritual.

Take a very deep breath and hold it for five (5) seconds, then release it slowly. Pick up the apatite with you right thumb and index finger. Dip the stone in the spring water, holding the apatite in the water say:

Past woes are washed away.

Take the stone out of the water and place it in front of the candle on the right.

Pick up the bloodstone with your right thumb and third finger . Dip the stone in the spring water and then put the bloodstone by the apatite in front of the right candle. Then light the right candle and say:

I receive only the best thoughts in my mind.

Pick up the snowflake obsidian with you left thumb and middle finger. Dip the stone in the spring water and then put the snowflake obsidian in front of the left candle. Then light the left candle and say:

I am inspired to create the greatest life for me.

Pick up the aventurine with your left thumb and index finger. Dip the stone in the spring water and then put the aventurine in front of the left candle and say:

I now have the chance for financial abundance.

Pick up the amazonite with your left thumb and little finger. Hold the stone in the water as you say:

Let water and earth deliver only good to me.

Place the amazonite in front of the middle candle. Then light the middle candle and say:

Water, Earth, Fire and Air bless me with a new foundation that takes me to all the good I need in my life.
Water flow with abundance.
Earth ground me with protection.
Fire flame with inspiration for my benefit.
Air surround me with love as I offer gratitude for my life.

Let the candles burn for about 20 minutes. Then pinch each candle out, first the right candle, then the left and last the middle.
Put all the stones in the pouch and keep them under your pillow for the next seven (7) days. After seven (7) days you can put them in a safe place so you can perform this ritual on the next Spring Equinox.

Blessings, love and abundance,

Spring Equinox Money

Items for this ritual include

1 Amazonite-- to let you see how to fulfill your dreams

1 Apatite-- to get rid of the past
1 Aventurine-- to bring more chances for money

1 Bloodstone -- to open your mind

1 Snowflake obsidian -- to protect, inspire and improve your life

pouch to keep the stones safe

You will also need to have
3 white candles of any size

a glass bowl with spring water





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